Danny Brown is a Gift to Humanity

Danny Brown first came to my attention in 2013 after the release of his album Old, a similar but different response to 2011's XXX. While XXX is filled start to finish almost entirely of high BPM or speedy songs showcasing Danny's signature shriek-like cadence in his rapping, 2013's Old was a response by broadcasting Danny's somewhat changed outlook on life and his career.  While still containing a solid amount of party songs, the album seems to be a dichotomy between the "old" Danny Brown featured on XXX and prior, and dipping his toes into his next critically acclaimed sound.

If you weren't already a fan of Danny after his music, you should be because of his infectious personality and inability to give a fuck about what anyone else thinks of him — something we all could no doubt benefit from.

If you don't know Danny, he's Detroit through and through, with his time growing up and living in The D as one of his main musical influences.  Of course there's Eminem, but in my opinion Danny Brown is the most consistent and exciting rapper to come out of Detroit in the last decade.

Some of Danny's best and funniest content has came as a guest on popular podcasts such as Joey Diaz's The Church of What's Happening Now  and Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitsky's Your Mom's House. If you've got a pulse in 2019 you probably listen to podcasts in some form or another. It's awesome to see a new form of media blow up so quickly, and I'm happy to see Danny Brown make the rounds on some of my favorites.  I've got a feeling he'll continue to succeed in the podcast realm.

Even if you're not an active fan of Danny Brown his appearance on Your Mom's House shows how entertaining and humorous he can be.  This is one of the many reason I love the podcast format — it's an often purely genuine look into certain people's lives that you would otherwise get to experience.

It's not just podcast appearances though, acting has been on Danny's radar the past year or two and it's no surprise he's landing roles.  Cast in the recently cancelled Detroiters on Comedy Central as well as the Matthew McConaughey starring film, White Boy Rick, Danny's personality and charisma seems to be finally getting the attention in Hollywood it deserves.

Danny Brown and I share similarities in video game interests — both of us with an affinity for the Game Persona 4.  Despite being a world-famous artist and personality he still understands that putting in 100 hours on a well-crafted story can be as good as any other entertainment medium out there.  He even went as so far to name one of his cats after one of the characters, Chie.

Danny has taken a liking to streaming service Twitch, occasionally streaming himself playing video games or teasing music. Far from the only popular hip hop artist on Twitch, but you would be hard-pressed to find another who's in it for the pure love of gaming and IRL streaming communities and not just for the blog articles or unenthusiastic self-promotion

Pure creativity and a broadcasted vibe of being an authentic individual is something that the hip-hop community should be thanking Danny Brown for.  In a world full of copycats and clout chasers, someone like Danny is worthy of your attention.

Danny is also a known collaborator, partnering his sound with everyone from Vampire Weekend, Alt J, and HBO's Silicon Valley.  Some of his best works aren't even contained in his own albums.

In the middle of writing this post, Danny also dropped a bit of an announcement via HighSnobiety – a new album titled uknowhatimsayin? is coming as well as an unnamed TV show on Viceland.  Ever since Desus and Mero and all the Action Bronson shows left Viceland we haven't even bothered to resubscribe to Sling – but now that Danny's got something cooking I can't imagine I won't be highly anticipating episode 1 whenever more information is released.

No matter how you look at it, Danny Brown is one of the industry's most unique and authentic members in the last decade.  With a new album and TV show coming this year 2019 could potentially be one of Brown's most notable and exposing years yet.  I am beyond excited for all the Danny Brown content slated for 2019 and you should be too.  Give the man a listen — and if you're already a fan, keep waving your Bruiser Brigade flag high.

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