Puffco Proxy Review – Who is it For?

I've been a huge fan of Puffco's products since the original Peak came out a few years ago.  I've got everything from the Peak Pro Opal to the Hot Knife – I truly do think the Puffco team puts out actually useful products that make consuming concentrates and cannabis easier and more fun.

Despite all of that, I initially hesitated when Puffco announced their newest gadget, the Proxy, a couple of months ago.  I love my Peak Pro and use it literally every day without issue so I thought the Proxy may turn into something that collects dust.  For better or worse I ultimately pulled the trigger and a Proxy was on the way to my doorstep here in the Bay Area.  What arrived was possibly Puffco's most exciting product yet – something that rips through hash, is portable, and has tons of potential for customization.

The Puffco Proxy inside of its included case.

The Puffco Proxy

If you're familiar with the tactile interface on both the Peak and Peak Pro then you already know how to use a Proxy.  Using a button on the side of the Proxy you cycle through and activate the 4 various and predetermined temperature settings, ranging from blue at the lowest to white at the highest temp.  This is nothing new and I'm glad Puffco didn't try to reinvent the wheel here.

The Proxy itself is relatively small.

The Proxy build quality feels fantastic, not unlike essentially all Puffco products I've handled.  While the Proxy itself is a fraction of the size of a Peak it still has no problem getting through whatever hash or concentrate you'd normally lean on your Peak or glass rig for.  At such a small size the battery is unsurprisingly weaker, but the Proxy best shines as a travel companion in my opinion, not something you necessarily want to lean on all day at home.  Puffco claims you get around 15 dabs on a charge (of course this depends on what heat setting you prefer) – which in my experience is more than enough when consuming on the go.

The Proxy inside of the included glass pipe piece.

It's easy to throw the Proxy in a bag or backpack (the included padded case is a fantastic touch for a device meant to be taken places) and not worry much about water spilling or taking up too much space like I do when taking my Peak places.

The case itself seems to be the de facto way to transport your Proxy and everything you might need to go with it.  I'm able to fit multiple rosin jars, my Puffco Hot Knife, plenty of q tips, alcohol wipes, and more in a protected, deceivingly small package.

You can easily fit 2+ jars of hash in the case, maybe even some small ice packs.

The Proxy has handled water hash and live rosin in the same great way my Peak has, just in a smaller frame.  I don't have any doubts or qualms about the device's functionality – I think Puffco has this pretty much down pat at this point.  The Proxy also uses Puffco's new-ish 3d chamber technology which offers a more consistent, efficient, and faster heating experience.  Huge plus for this in my book.

What makes the Proxy really exciting is the modularity and potential for customization of its glass vessel.  In my opinion, the beauty of the Proxy is how it lets the glass be the main attraction if you want it to be.  The device itself is so unintrusive that the potential for glass containers for the Proxy is essentially limitless, there are very few constraints other than securely holding the device in place.  As someone who has always hated most custom Peak glass, I feel the exact opposite about the Proxy – I can't wait to buy something 🔮heady🔮 for it.

Who is the Proxy for?

I love to consume the same things I do at home while traveling, riding my bike, or doing stuff outdoors – the Proxy confirms that I never actually liked distillate pens in the first place.  The Proxy shines in being small but still mighty, giving you that same experience you get at home somewhere that's not.  The Peak Pro can work great on the go as well but it's a little more of a hassle in terms of transport and size in my opinion – it's just not as easy to throw in a case and be gone as the Proxy is.

The Peak Pro and Proxy side-by-side.

If you need a daily driver for home use or a communal piece you can pass around to a large group, the Proxy may not be what you're looking for – that hole is pretty well-filled by a Peak Pro that's more powerful and can go noticeably longer without charging.

In my opinion, the Proxy is for the person who's looking to take quality hash or concentrate consuming wherever they please.  Sure, you can take your Peak or something else on a hike or when you're out and about in your city but it's never as easy as it sounds.  The Proxy isn't cheap at $300, but it makes bringing good hash on the go more not just easy, but in a very simple, well-executed way.

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